The Code of Honour

There really is such a thing as honour, and this code, the Code of Honour, was perhaps the most pivotal thing I read in the 1980’s of Mr. Hubbard’s work. I am posting this information below as I hope others can benefit too. In many societies honour is missing. By that, I mean East and West. In some cultures, and in some times, people are prepared to even die for honour. So, just what is it? L. Ron Hubbard has an answer. And I hope others can read this below and see for themselves.


By L. Ron Hubbard.

Mr. L. Ron Hubbard introduced the Code of Honour for the first time in November 1954. He wrote the following about it:

“No one expects the Code of honour to be closely and tightly followed.

“An ethical code cannot be enforced. Any effort to enforce the Code of Honour would bring it into the level of a moral code. It cannot be enforced simply because it is a way of life which can exist as a way of life only as long as it is not enforced. Any other use but self-determined use of the Code of Honour would, as any Scientologist could quickly see, produce a deterioration in a person. Therefore its use is a luxury use, and which is done solely on self-determined action, providing one sees eye to eye with the Code of Honour.

“If you believed man was actually worthy enough to be granted by you sufficient stature so as to permit you to exercise gladly the Code of Honour, I can guarantee that you would be a happy person. And if you found an occasional miscreant falling away from the best standards you have developed, you yet did not turn away from the rest of man, and if you discovered yourself betrayed by those you were seeking to defend and yet did not then experience a complete reversal of opinion about your fellow man, there would be no dwindling spiral for you.

“The only difference between a paradise on earth and a hell on Earth is whether or not you believe your fellow man worthy of receiving from you the friendship and devotion called for in the Code of Honour.”

This blogger concurs with what Mr. Hubbard wrote. Sometimes in life it seems hard to maintain the code. By that I mean, if someone has been part of a group and they have gone against the code, does one then withdraw his allegiance, or desert his other freinds who are maintaining the code? Please read the code yourself. I am truly interested in what you think.

Here is the code: CODE OF HONOUR

1. Never desert a comrade in need, in danger or in trouble.

2. Never withdraw allegiance once granted.

3. Never desert a group to which you owe your support.

I will pull out from the Code, what are my favourite:

6. Never compromise with your own reality.

7. Never permit your affinity to be alloyed.

9. Your self-determinism and your honour are more important than your immediate life.

10. Your integrity to yourself is more important than your body.

11. Never regret yesterday. Life is in you today, and you make your tomorrow.

Actually, I think each point is vital. To be honest it is hard to pull out one point better than another.

We hope that this knowledge can be used to help someone.

A lot more information can be found by reading Scientology books here. There are also books at this sites, Dianetics Canberra. Plus there are Scientology courses available on many subjects that can help almost everyone.

Mr. L. Ron Hubbard wrote about issues to do with freedom in his day. They are still applicable in the current world environment.

There are many books on Scientology, and this book site has many.


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