The Way To Happiness

By L. Ron Hubbard.


What is true joy? It seems that it is bringing happiness to others. And what is happiness? 

If one does not survive, no happiness is obtainable. If one’s freinds do not survive, joy is limited.

Trying to survive in dishonest and overall immoral society is very difficult.

An individual tries to get from life what pleasure and freedom from pain they can.

Your own survival is threatened by bad actions of others, so how do you deal with this?

Your own happiness can be thwarted by the dishonesty and bad dealings of others.

You can think of times when this happened around you. These wrongs reduced your survival. But what do you do?

You are important to many other people around you and they listen to you.

(Below is the last precept in the book, The Way To Happiness by L. Ron Hubbard.)



The happiness or unhappiness of others around you is important to you and your survival.

By using this book you can help others survive and lead better and happier lives.

No one other than the individual can assure the happiness of others, but we can improve their chances of survival. And that will improve your happiness.

“The precepts given in this book are really the edges of the road: violating them, one is like the motorist who plunges off into the verge – the result can be wreckage of the moment, the relationship, a life.

“Only you can say where the road goes for one sets his goals for the hour, for the relationship, for the phase of life.”                     



The costs of the book are below and can be bought from Bridge Publication, your local Church of Scientology, or from the Way To Happiness Foundation.

Soft Copy: $24.97
Audio Book: $24.97
Hard Copy: $49.97

The book is a life-saver in such a troubled world and is a flag pointing the direction to a better way of life. Please read it.



More information can be found by reading Scientology books here. There are also books at this sites, Dianetics Canberra.

Here is another promotion video on L. Ron Hubbard.

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