Have You Lives Before This Life?

Who are you, really?
Who have you been?

You have lived before.
You have a past identity.
You have the memory of last life.
You have memories of the lives you lived.

But how do you tap into those memories? How can you recall last lives when you cannot recall being four years old?

If you have some awareness that possibly you lived before, then that is a start.

Is it possible to improve memory? Yes. Is it possible to extend memory, improve it, so it works better? Yes.

So, why is my memory unavailable to see back then.

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So, how do you improve your memory?

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Below, is a Technical article: By L. Ron Hubbard

“How do people know they have lived before?” you might well ask.

It has to do with memory and forgetfulness.

If a person improved his memory sufficiently, he would be able to remember everything he had been.

If a person is forgetful, he often can’t even remember what he had for breakfast yesterday. If a person lives many lives and if he had forgotten it, if you improved his memory enough, he would only then begin to remember.

People forget things if the memory is too painful to them. By gradually reducing the pain of remembering, people become willing to recall their memories.

The character of life and life energies has been a specialty with me in research since I was at university.

Knowing about life would also have to include knowing about death.

A broad vista must lie behind this unknown. No scientist can tell us with any certainty what death really is.

For some years I have worked on this from time to time. When we were fighting the Germans, I suppose like a lot of us, I got used to seeing death, and right after the war we did enough research on it to know that science knew nothing about it, really, except that bodies just ceased to function.

Ever since, it has continued to interest me, as I think it interests all of us. Certainly it concerns all of us.

Some people, it would seem, don’t really want to know. To them I say, it’s just another field of research, why are you so upset about it?

In research you don’t believe things. You find out if they are true or false.

Someday we will know much more about this. Just now, from evidence to hand, I would say that the priest and minister have more evidence in their favour than the scientist, who, in a rather boorish way has been trying to sweep away religion for the past few decades.

I noted when the book of case histories (Have You Lived Before This Life?) was released, some of the national press became very upset with it.

The first task of a scientist is to write down what he finds, not what he hopes will be believed. Truth is not determined by its appeal but by the evidence.

I think it’s time science stop trying so hard to penetrate the craters of the moon or blow up Earth and started to study something a little closer to home – man. Then maybe we’d have less crime, less accidents, a lessened chance of war.

Apparently even in this world, it takes a brave man to start studying man. But I feel it’s time we knew a bit about ourselves. Maybe we’d lead happier lives. And maybe we’d have a better chance of preventing or surviving the next war if we knew what made us function.

But that’s a very serious line of thought and research is not that grim.

It is certainly more interesting than simply sitting and waiting for the day the atomic bombs may fall.

                                                            L. Ron Hubbard

[Editor’s Note: this article was written in March 1960 for The Observer, a British news magazine.]

For for information one can read What is The Scientology Religion?, and also contact the local Church of Scientology of Canberra. This page has a promotional video on L. Ron Hubbard. If you want to study Scientology there are course available, as listed here on this professional site for professional people.

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