Scientology: The Fundamentals of Thought

By L. Ron Hubbard, author, philosopher.

This book was written in the mid 1950s, and is an outline of some of the basic principles that embrace aspects of life. Yes, there really are answers are inside this book. Read it for yourself. The author of this blog has demonstrated that simply by reading this information it can raise IQ, as measured on an IQ test. The pages are easy to read.

“You may have been taught that the mind, spirit and life are very difficult things to know about. This is the first principal of Scientology: It is possible to know about the mind, the spirit and life.” L. Ron Hubbard, a writer already well known.

Here are basic elementary principals of life, how life works, how it motivates.

With this knowledge you can improve all relationships, at home, at work, with any business aspect.

The book can be bought from Bridge Publications, the publishing arm of the Church of Scientology, or though the Church of Scientology of Canberra. It costs:

Soft cover: $24.97.

Hardback: $39.97

Audio Book: $39.97

There are also a Scientology Extension Courses that can help a person get through their books. All are available at the Church of Scientology of Canberra to help you. There are also other books on this Scientology book site.

And, if you happen to be more interested in the mind, as against the spirit or life-force, that is okay too. This whole site of Dianetics here, is devoted to L. Ron Hubbard’s study of the mind. The difference is fundamentally as follows. You are a life-force, a spirit. You are immortal. And that thought and concept has been around for a long time. But Dianetics, is the subject and study of the mind. You are not your mind. You have a mind, as you have a body. And Dianetics is the subject of the study of your mind. Your mind is flawed, but can be fixed. Dianetics explains what is the mind, what is in it and how you, the life-force use it.

There are also Professional Courses too.


More information can be found by reading Scientology books here. There are also books at this sites, Dianetics Canberra. This here is an eleven minute promotional video on L. Ron Hubbard.

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