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Welcome to this Scientology page. Scientology is about reason and reaching your true potentials and abilities.

In Scientology you would find that you are not a body. You have a body. You are the life source that animates your body. That life source is not found in the physical universe. Its separateness to the body is very evident. The life force obeys its own separate laws that are as demonstrable as gravity. And with knowledge of those laws Man can achieve fantastic potential, far greater than anyone would allow him to believe.

The Scientology applied religious philosophy was developed only since the word Scientology was coined in 1932, but it is built upon the prior knowledge of thousands of years. The knowledge is old.

The subject of Scientology is about you. So how can one determine if the subject is correct or not?

The answer is to simply buy a book on the subject of Scientology, or its sub study of the mind, Dianetics. They are inexpensive. Read the book at home away from distraction. Make up your own mind. Think for yourself. That is what Scientology is about.

Here is a simple example of a law of life, which is totally separate to the laws of physics. Life reduces the distance between itself and what is survival for self. It also conversely increases the distance between itself and what is non survival, or harmful, to self.

Scientology books, when read with the glossaries, can change lives just by themselves. The first book I recommend is Scientology: The Fundamentals of Thought.

There are lots of Scientology courses here for professional people.

There is more in this What is Scientology Religion? page.

Read it – think for yourself. Scientology is a great adventure of getting to know who you really are. Good luck. Enjoy the book which you can order from our bookstore. Enjoy the change within yourself. Let us know.

There is more here as well on this older website.

Here is a recorded video, given by L. Ron Hubbard from the 1960s. It gives more information again.

And for those who wonder about critics of any religion, especially when new, there is a website. But, it must be said, if it were not for those criticisms, it is probable that Mr. Hubbard may not have found it harder to locate the mental sources behind them by which to fee the rest of us. So, please see our Scientology Critics.

Please also find our official pages at the Church of Scientology Canberra.

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