Is It Possible To Be Happy?

This is an article by L. Ron Hubbard from the book, Scientology: A New Slant on Life.

“An organism is suppressed toward death by accumulated pain.
Pain in one great sweeping shock brings about immediate death.

Pain in small doses over a lifetime gradually suppresses the organism toward death.

What is pain?

Pain is the warning of loss.  It is an automatic alarm system built into life organisms which informs the organism that some part of it or all of it is under stress and that the organism had better take action or die.

The signal of pain means that the organism is in the proximity of a destructive force or object.  To ignore pain is to die.  Pain is the whip which sends the organism away from hot stoves, sub-zero weather.  

Pain is the threat of non-survival, the punishment for errors in trying to survive.

And pain is always loss.  A burned finger means that the body has lost the cells on the surface of that finger.  They are dead.  A blow on the head means the death of scalp and other cells in the area.  The whole organism is thus warned of the proximity of a death source and so attempts to get away from it.

The loss of a loved one is also a loss of survival.  The loss of a possession is also loss of survival organisms or objects.  And so there is such a thing as “mental pain.”

But life, in its whole contest with the physical universe, has no patience with failure.  An organism so foolhardy as to let itself be struck too hard and so depressed into unconsciousness stays in the vicinity of the pain-dealing object.  It is considered to be non-survival if it fails so markedly to survive.

Unconsciousness experienced as a result of a blow or an illness is a quick picture of what happens over a life span.

Is there any difference, except time, between these two things?

A blow resulting in unconsciousness which results in death.

The accumulated blows over a life span resulting in a gradual lessening of consciousness resulting in eventual death.

One is slower than the other.

One of the basic discoveries was that unconsciousness and all the pain attendant upon it were stored in a part of the mind and that this pain and unconsciousness accumulated until they caused the organism to begin to die.

Another discovery was that this pain could be nullified or erased with a return to full consciousness and rehabilitation toward survival.

In other words, it became possible to cancel out the accumulated unconsciousness and pain of the years and restore the health and vitality of an organism.

Accumulated physical pain and loss bring about a reduction of consciousness, a reduction of physical health and a reduction of the will to live to a point where the organism actively, if often slyly, seeks death.

Erase or nullify the physical pain, the losses of a lifetime, and vitality returns.

The vitality of living, of seeking higher levels of survival, is life itself.

The human body was found to be extremely capable of repairing itself when the stored memories of pain were canceled.  Further, it was discovered that so long as the stored pain remained, the doctoring of what are called psychosomatic ills, such as arthritis, rheumatism, dermatitis and thousands of others, could not result in anything permanent.  So psychotherapy, not knowing about pain storage and its effects, discovered long ago that one could rid a patient of one illness only to have another pop up.  And psychotherapy became a defeatist school because it could do nothing permanent for the aberrated or the ill, even when it could do a little something to relieve it.  Hence, all efforts to make men vital and well became suspect because the reason they were inefficient and ill had not been discovered and proven.

With these new discoveries, it became possible to eradicate aberration and illness because it became possible to nullify or eradicate the pain from the pain-storage banks of the body without applying further pain, as in surgery.

Consciousness, then, depends upon the absence or the nullification or eradication of memories of physical pain, for unconsciousness is a part of that pain-one of its symptoms.

Arthritis of the knee, for instance, is the accumulation of all knee injuries in the past.  The body confuses time and environment where the knee was actually injured and so keeps the pain there.  The fluids of the body avoid the pain area.  Hence, a deposit which is called arthritis.  The proof of this is that when the knee injuries of the past are located and discharged, the arthritis ceases, no other injury takes its place and the person is finished with arthritis of the knee.  And this happens ten cases out of ten – except in those cases where age and physical deterioration are so well advanced toward death that the point of no return is passed.

Take a bad heart.  The person has pain in his heart.  He can take medicine or voodoo or another diet and still have a bad heart.  Find and eradicate or nullify an actual physical injury to the heart and the heart ceases to hurt and gets well.

Nothing is easier to prove than these tenets.  A good auditor (Scientology practitioner) can take a broken-down, sorrow-drenched lady of thirty-eight and knock out her past periods of physical and mental pain and have on his hands somebody who appears to be twenty-five – and a bright, cheerful twenty-five at that.

Sure it’s incredible.  But so is an A-bomb, a few pennyweights of plutonium, which can blow a city off the chart.

Once you know the basic tenets of life and how it acts as an energy, life can be put back into the ill, the devitalized, the would-be suicide.

And more important than treating the very ill, mentally or physically, one can interrupt the downward spiral in a man who is still alert and well so that he will not thereafter become so ill.  And one can take the so-called normal person and send his state of being up to levels of brilliance and success not possible before.

Restore an individual’s full consciousness and you restore his full life potential.

And it can now be done.”

L. Ron Hubbard

(For more about L. Ron Hubbard, and he as an author.)

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