What is the Scientology Religion?

The Scientology religion is about life. But think about that for a moment. What is life? Think. Where does life come from? Does life have a purpose? Can it have a purpose? Can life improve itself? Are there laws of life? If so, what are they?  How can I improve myself? These are common questions by many people.

Scientology is a study of what life is, what are the laws governing life, and how you can improve from this knowledge.  Scientology has these answers. Scientology has practical solutions to every facet of existence. Its end goal is totally spiritual. Think on that for a moment.

Scientology ® is an applied religion, an applied religious philosophy. It plays a vital role in the lives of its members and the community. It brings spiritual enlightenment to man by way of its practices. These in turn advance man to higher states of spiritual awareness and ability. It also provides practical solutions to day-to-day living.

Please understand the next sentence. Scientology is a religion in the most traditional sense, for it is concerned with the full rehabilitation of man’s innate spiritual self — his capabilities, his awareness and his certainty of his own immortality — and his relationship to the divine. 

Scientology holds in common with many of the world’s oldest religions the belief that man was put here to work out his own salvation and that only by doing this can he fully understand his relationship to God the Creator. Scientology principles further hold that man is basically good and that his salvation from where he is now, depends upon himself, his relationships with his fellow man and his attainment of brotherhood with the universe.

Scientology principles provide the means for an individual to solve his own problems. He is then in a position where he can sort out his own life, and can effectively help others — friends, family and those he encounters in daily life.

This is because in Scientology, one finds solutions in knowing what are the natural laws that govern all life. For the individual, the end result is increased awareness and spiritual freedom. For society, the result is positive headway made toward the eradication of its ills — drugs, illiteracy, crime, violence and intolerance — as trained Scientologists move out into the community and put those solutions into use. 

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Churches of Scientology are the central points of the religion for a wide variety of programs and activities through which dedicated Scientologists apply what they learn, to assist those around them.

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Before Scientology, there was Dianetics, a study of the mind, but what was its goal, and how does it relate to religion? Can what we call the spirit, and the mind, be somehow intertwined?

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